Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dress up, Disney, and Dad

So February is always a hoppin month around the Smith household because it's not only Valentine's Day on February 14th, it's Princess Pearl's Birthday. In case you're wondering, we found out that Maggie's real name (Sarah Margaret) means Princess Pearl. This news thrilled her, and her Aunt Mary Lane, to no end. This year for Maggie's birthday we decided to go to Disney. The twins have never been and, well, they get in free until they trun 3 in May, so we decided to hit the road. Before that, though, we celebrated at home with my Mom and Dad, Sandy, and a couple of family friends. But before even that, I had the privilege of escorting Princess Pearl and her two best buddies, Amelia and Elizabeth, to a High School Musical play at a dinner theater in town. And get this, I actually WON the tickets! Seriously, I thought no one really won those contests...but I did! So, the four of us got all gussied up and went to see Pseudo-Troy and Gabriella do their thing at the Alhambra Dinner Theater in Jacksonville. The girls were THRILLED! They kept saying, "This is SO FANCY! Thank you Miss Buffy! This is the best thing EVER!". So cute. Here are a few pics:

The next day we had Maggie's little family party and the pics are just too cute. She wanted to wear the Princess and The Frog crown and shoes she go from her Grandparents, and I guess she thought my program outfit would look best with her accessories...

Seriously, this is too much to post about, so I'll skip to the most important, which is what's going on with my Dad. Last week he called and told me that they found some cancer cells when he had his colonoscopy. He went into the hospital to have some of his colon taken out on Wednesday. He came through the surgery well and the results look really good. We are waiting to see if he will need to have any chemo or anything. It's been really scary for all of us, but we are so grateful that it was caught so early. Dad, of course, has been his typical jovial self. He asked me if I had seen Katie Couric's colonoscopy on the Today Show and that he had been able to see the inside of his colon during his colonoscopy. Then he told me that he looks a lot like Katie Couric on the inside. Classic Mark.
I'll write about Disney later. The twins are in here literally screaming at me right now...


nicolefiehler said...

Will say a prayer for your dad Buffy! Sorry to hear that! Hope you guys are doing great!

gooddog said...

I am praying for your dad. So sorry to ear you all are going through that scare.

Love reading your updates. All 3 of your girls are really precious!

Hugs and blessings. Heather Bland